do u agree that children start to learn IT start by 2 years old? is it is good or bad for the children to develop healthy? -by cheow lin

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Agree but with option

I am agree that to let children to learn thru ICT.
Because most of them quit interesting on this trends of ICT, Example: Laptop, I phone...
As my observation on this, many children like to play game (Example: Angry Bird game) using the ICT tool.
But, beside play games, actually we may use the ICT tools for learning too.
Nowadays, most of the ICT tool has many Apps that relative to ECE to let parent or educator to download for child to learn.
They may choose this kind of Apps to make good use of this ICT tools.
But I am disagree to let 2 years old child over attach with those ICT tools as they are in physical development at the moment, over using may cause some serious injury on the their physical development(Example: short sighted)


yes, i agree of that cos of the trend of technology now a day... at least they know wht are they using now even they are small age..

but is not to let the children small age using for long time... thats no good for their health, for the eyesight..

when kids u more time is ICT tools, they will have less time to communicate with their parents. ths will cos lact communication and is bad for the relationship between parents and kids

parents should spend more time for their kids to explore them to nature and let them observe, give explanation to the kids..not just give the kids with ICT tools cos the reason of the parents giving is they are so tired after work or entertaint..

agree with yeap

nowaday children are lack communicate in person,athough with the same age group friend . example when you attend a wedding dinner or family gathering,u can c such thing,all d kid are busy with their i pad,they not even talk to each other . but compare with last time children,they sure will play around n chit chating .


Dear Cheow Lin,

I have same opinion as you. The children attach too much with games in ipad or computer and ignore the moral & relationship building with friends.

With metta,
gaik yen


In this modern technology, most children are adapted to computer facebook column then to communicate with their elders for their problems. Is this a healthy way towards the development of our chid? EG: a recent case of a student who as critically ill failed to voice out her illness to her elders but only on facebook.

Make use of the Internet, ICT

Dear All,

We have to make use of the advantages of ICT, internet. There is a lot of good websites for the children to explore. They will learn a lot of core values such as peace, love, happiness, cooperation and simplicity, while exploring the web.

For example, I found a good website while looking for otter information, otternet http://www.otternet.com/
introducing different species of otters, their facts, habits, and finally link to environment issue, save them. The value of protecting the earth can be learnt from the nature, the animals, plants, etc.

The web has games related to otter like word search for healthy brain training.
The otternet organized art and poetry contests for the children around the world in term of supporting otter conservation work. This allows children to express their ideas through art while bring up their creativities in concern of environment issues.
The otternet also displayed the contents of letter from children of different countries.
The letters express their feelings, and opinions about the otter, its conservation and environment concerns. The otternet could have a discussion forum setup for children around the world to share and exchange ideas for topics related to otters like conservation of the endanger species.
The web also has a link to Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Web Cam from Pacific Ocean shoreline of California, US. The children will be fascinated watching the otters during the feeding and training time in real time online.

Hence, the teachers always can introduce some educational websites to children in the class room. Hopefully, the children continue to utilize these websites at home or anywhere with iPad.

with metta,
fong seong