Royal influence on Buddhism

What do you guys think is the relevance of royal influence on what buddhism has become today? For example speak to the relevance of emperor Asoka on the development of buddhism.

Refer to Buddhism in China

The development of religion always influenced by political force. No matter the spread of Buddhism under the patronage of King Asoka or the disappearance of Buddhism caused by Islamic influenced empire.Refer to Buddhism in China, the happiness and suffering of Buddhists in general is determined by the royal famalies who support or persecute Buddhism.The flowering of different schools also affected by the attitude of the royal families. Example: the northen Chan Buddhism disappeared after lost the support of the royal family. The southen Chan Buddhism survived from the persecution because they don't rely on support from the goverment.The Chinese Buddhism schools that survived til today more on their own and less depend on formal education that need goverment support.