Pure Land

Can someone please explain the concept of the pure land to me? Is it a world beyond samsara? are its inhabitants arahats? are those who dwell in the pureland not subject to death and rebirth? how does one enter the pure land?

Pure Land

Pure Land in Mahayana Buddhism is the celestial realm or pure abode of a Buddha or Bodhisattva. In Mahayana sutras, there are many pure lands. The most popular one is Western Pure Land (Sukhavati) by Amitabha Buddha. Pure Land Buddhism today mostly refer to practice of merit to rebirth in Western Pure Land.
Pure Lands can be arised due to the intention and aspiration of a Boddhisattva such as the case of Amitabha Buddha but can be due to the Buddha's pure qualities also. One of the Amitabha Buddha Vows was the aspiration to create a pure realm for all those who heard his name, wish to attain that realm, established the roots of virtue and dedicated their merit in order to be reborn there. He also swore to refuse Buddhahood if it did not enable him to manifest such a realm.The ultimate goal of pure land buddhism is to become buddha in those pure lands with the guide of the abode Buddha.

abode buddha

What do you mean by abode buddha? Is that the buddha that resides in that particular pure land?

Yes,examples: Amitabha at

Amitabha at Sukhavati
Maitreya at Tushita
Akshobhya at Abhirati
Bhaisajyaguru at Vaiduryanirbhasa