Dating of the Councils

I’m struggling to pull together the divergent dates for each of the Councils as they relate to the dating systems of the Long and Short chronologies vs. Gombrich.

I believe I’ve got it straight per our course material from 6102, but I do not have a Short Chronology date or dating method for the 2nd Council.

1st Council
• Long Chronology: 486 BCE
• Short Chronology: 368 BCE
• Gombrich: ~400 BCE

2nd Council
• Long: 386 BCE (100 AB)
• Short: ??? (cannot be 100 AB or it conflicts with the date of the 3rd council)
• Gombrich: ~340 BCE (60 AB)

3rd Council
• Long/Short: 268 BCE
• Gombrich: 267-280 BCE