Typing Pali in MS Word

I've just discovered that you can set up keyboard shortcuts to type special characters rather than using the Insert > Symbol function in Word

If you've not figured this out yet, it will save you considerable time on your term paper

Instructions here.

Typing of Pali

I tried but does not seem to work. It says 'This page isn't working', 'ibc.ac.th is currently unable to handle this request'.

Please check and advice.

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Outdated URLs

It looks like a number of the URLs provided here are out of date
A few years ago when the online learning platform was migrated from ibc to thanhsiang, not all of the URLs have been updated

If you are still looking for help, try this: https://www.buddhism.hku.hk/documents/MBS1011/MBSDiacritics.pdf

Sorry for the delayed response
Since I graduated, I haven't been very active