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Mahayana Sutras

There are a large number of Mahayana Sutras available for download here.

Simply click on any of the following folders to access the PDFs:

Included are texts such as:
Mahayana Parinirvana
Platform Sutra

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Content at Urban Dharma

In the library at urbandharma.org referenced above in the original posting, there are useful texts on the canon, on mindfulness, on Abhidhamma and other topics, as well as Dhamma talks from Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, and Kusala Bhikshu.

There are also dictionaries, anthologies, courses, articles about research on meditation, an analysis of the jhanas, jataka tales for young readers, and on and on....

An outstanding resource of varied content for all levels and interests.

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There are an unbelievable number of texts available from the BuddhaNet.net library.

Subject areas include:

  • Buddhist artwork
  • General Buddhism
  • Meditation methods
  • Theravada, Mahayana, Tibetan and Zen/Chan Buddhism

There is also a vast library of BuddhaNet ebooks and audio (chanting and meditation), along with study guides.

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A Handful of Leaves

A substantial number of texts and papers are available at A Handful of Leaves.

Texts include:

  • Hirakawa's History of Indian Buddhism
  • Harvey's Introduction to Buddhism
  • Lamotte's History of Indian Buddhism
  • Gethin's The Foundations of Buddhism

There are also a substantial number of texts on a wide range of topics from authors like Walpola Rahula, T. W. Rhys Davids, Richard Gombrich, E. Frauwallner, K.N. Jayatillke and others.

Papers include authors such as Bhikkhu Bodhi, Gombrich, Gethin, Harvey, Kalupahana, Lamotte, Walpola Raula, Richard Salomon, Sharon Salzberg, and Peter Skilling.

In addition to providing interesting and edifying information and insights, you may find this library provides valuable source material for your term papers each semester.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

Re:A Handful of Leaves

It's really a very resourceful website which has tons of reference books... Thanks for sharing!

Mahayana Sutras

Thank you for uploading the Mahayana Sutras. They are very helpful for the course .

With metta,
Hooi G.L