2nd Year - Spring Semester Course

Has anyone taken both Lam Rim and Bodhisattva ideal?

I'm looking to take one of these next semester (along with Buddhism in Japan) and am interested in pros/cons regarding these two courses.



I have, however, taken BOTH LAM RIM and BUDDHISM IN JAPAN.
I have no specific cons: both course were very ok by me.
I think IBC is a UNIQUE place to get a good grasp of all facets of Buddhism as it currently exists, EG Theravada, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese...that was what I personally wanted anyways.
If the English level of the materials is what worries you, those 2 courses are a notch or two above the rest.


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Sergio - appreciate the follow up.
I agree that the breadth of the course offerings, embracing all the major traditions, is a huge plus.

To that end, debating on doing Lam Rim to get the Tibetan perspective vs. taking a deep dive into the Bodhisattva ideal.

Lam Rim may be a good way to round out the coursework including Theravada, Sarvastivada, Chinese Buddhism and (next semester) Japanese Buddhism.

Still, interested in a course that combines multiple perspectives from multiple traditions on the Bodhisattva ideal, particularly with the inclusion of Santideva and Candakirti, who I know are important in the Tibetan tradition as well.