Meaning of 'no'?

Please I have one question: often in the course there is mention 'no'seems between name 'no', like : taira no kiyomori. I was curious to know the meaning of 'no'?

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4 Definitions

about education provides four definitions.

The Particle "no":

(1) Possessive Marker indicating ownership or attribution.
Kore wa watashi no hon desu. これは私の本です。--- This is my book.
Watashi no ane wa Tokyo ni sunde imasu. 私の姉は東京に住んでいます。--- My sister lives in Tokyo.

(2) Indicating the position or relative location of the first noun.
tsukue no ue 机の上 --- on the desk
isu no shita いすの下 --- under the chair

(3) Noun Modification, similar to the possessive, but seen more with compound nouns (e.g. kono hon no chosha -> the author of this book).
Nihongo no jugyou wa tanoshii desu. 日本語の授業は楽しいです。--- The Japanese class is interesting.
Bijutsu no hon o sagashite imasu. 美術の本を探しています。--- I am looking for a book on fine arts.

(4) Apposition, showing the first noun is in apposition to the second noun.
Tomodachi no Keiko-san desu. 友達の恵子さんです。--- This is my friend, Keiko.
Ano hachijussai no obaasan wa ki ga wakai. あの八十歳のおばあさんは気が若い。 --- That eighty-year-old woman has a youthful spirit.

Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your information!