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Hi again! Thanks for the response.
I guess I'm not totally comfortable with the concept of 'corruption', since by most accounts the Buddhist dharma is open and evolving, as it should be, I feel, BUT...
I think understand your view. I do think the Dhamma is timeless. and i do think is not too hard to experience which things are not aiming at the goal.
I'm of two minds here. On the one hand, I want to know exactly what the Buddha said, and what he meant, but on the other hand, I don't want to be bound by it, especially when it gets into areas where it really shouldn't be IMHO, e.g. explaining the nature of the physical world, 'conventional reality' if you prefer, which is the job of science in the modern world, religion better at articulating the role of humans in that world...
I actually dont think it explained such things.a sutta says that the worls is in this fhatom long body.
so I guess all we can do is to try to read the Buddha's mind and intentions,
mmm very hard to do IMO.
then up-date it as best we can for modern circumstances. That's what I'm trying to do. I persevere...
great! me too

And apparently even the Pali Canon was filtered through the opinions of scribes and pundits,
sure!!!! since the early times! at least that´s what my study has shown to me. books are a conditioned thing, therefore they can change over time.
so any claim to Buddha's exact words are a best guess, if even that,

p.s. I do agree that too much importance may be given to random commentaries, but some of the later work by Nagarjuna, etc. is crucial to Mahayana, and Zen, which is where my interests are evolving.
thats ok everyone with their own interest. ;)
Comparing lines sutra by sutra sounds like a genome project, ha!
indeed. much work has been done. ill send you some material on FB
That approach would only work if the original were unquestionably accurate, of course, good luck with that!

they are not. its just a first step.

thanks for the answer!!!
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